At Home Laser Hair Removal Myths Answered

At Home Laser Hair Removal Myths Answered

If you are considering hair removal by using an at-home laser device, you might be reading reviews and looking for information online. However, often the info you find online is confusing and reviews are mixed.
You can ask your colleague or friend who has used the product about their experience. Or, you can rely on this article which lists down the most common myths associated with at-home laser removal and the truth. Read on to get some peace of mind and make the right decision.

Myth: Laser treatment cannot remove hair permanently
Truth: Laser hair removal is the only non-surgical method to remove hair permanently. It is the fastest way to get hairless skin, whether you DIY or go to a professional. The science is simple. The energy from the laser beam penetrates the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin and destroys the hair follicle permanently over time. This reduces hair growth. 
If you see hair coming back that’s because of the hair cycle based on which different hair grows at different stages of the cycle. So, if you haven’t seen permanent results, you need to use the device a couple of more times.  

Myth: Laser hair removal procedures can’t be performed during summer
Truth: Laser hair removal can be done anytime, anywhere. With the handy option available, you should not restrict yourself from getting smooth, hair-free skin. However, you should follow the interval as mentioned, and take post-treatment care at home as instructed. The laser rays remain in the skin for nearly 2 weeks. Therefore it is best to repeat the treatment in the same area after three weeks from the last date. 
Another advice is - do not expose the treated parts under direct sunlight or any heat for six weeks. Apply cooling cream from time to time and use a sunscreen with high SPF.

Myth: There are lasers hair removal devices that can remove very light hair
Truth: To date, no such invention has been made. Laser hair device that could effectively remove red, grey, or blond hair is yet to come. There are special laser therapies performed by cosmetic surgeons to remove such hairs, but they are not very successful. The best results are received by candidates who have dark hair and lighter to medium skin complexion.   

Myth: At-home laser hair removing handset is not as effective as professional clinics
Truth: At-home laser hair removal handset is even more effective and result-driven than treatments performed at clinics. It is cost-efficient, gives better precision with small laser head, and because you love your body more than anyone else, you will perform the treatment more carefully, attentively, and perfect than the staff at the clinics that are always multitasking or in a hurry to attend to other customers. The device is easy to use and there are no hassles of booking appointments or waiting at the clinics for your turn.

Myth: Laser hair removal eliminates hair in just a session
Truth: No it does not. DIY laser hair removal device or at home laser hair removing handset require multiple sessions at prescribed intervals to see permanent results. It usually takes 6 to 8 sessions, even more for some who have higher androgens or testosterone. The hair regrowth is progressively reduced with each session.