How At Home Laser Hair Removal Works

How At Home Laser Hair Removal Works
If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or spending money and time on cosmetic clinics for removal of facial and body hair, you should consider using an at-home laser hair removal device. DIY hair removal will save money, time, and also provide the convenience, privacy, and extra hygiene.

How it works
Laser treatment targets the hair follicle by converting the light to heat and breaking down the melanin underneath the skin. When the hair is in an active growth cycle, the procedure brings the best results, reducing regrowth. After repetitive use, it will permanently prevent future growth.  
This can be explained more easily: Let's assume the hair follicle as a flower bulb. If you destroy it once, it can grow back. The hair that is removed is permanent, but the problem is hair grows in different cycles. Hence, the procedure needs to be performed multiple times to achieve complete hairless results.
Many women are happy with thinning out the hair and for finer hair; they manage with bleaching or shaving. Besides, other factors like hormones can give different results to different people. Some have even reported hair growth in previously treated hair. Such cases occur when there are major hormonal changes, like after pregnancy.

If you are seeing hair regrowth in an area where you have treated it previously, it is safe to use the at-home laser hair removing handset after three weeks from the last use. Some devices also recommend treating the desired area once every two weeks. It is safe and can reduce hair growth by 60% after the first treatment. You will see a more modest reduction of hair over time.

How to get started
Step 1: Prepare your skin
You should clean your skin, shave, and towel-dry to perform the treatment most efficiently and get expected outcomes.
Step 2: Choose a treatment level
Most products come with intensity setting which is energy levels. There are 4 to 5 energy levels in DIY products. Choose the level you feel comfortable with. It is recommended to start with a low level first.
Step 3: Select a part and begin
Segment your skin with a pen for better precision. Treat one area every two weeks. Continue using it as necessary for good results.

Can it be used on the face
If you have noticeable facial hair, at-home laser hair removing device is a good option for down the cheek line. Darker and thicker hair will show more effective reduction than lighter or finer hair, also called peach fuzz. Men should not use the product in their face because it isn’t going to work due to facial hair density.

DIY laser hair removal devices are pretty easy to use. But there are limitations as well. If your skin color is dark and hair color is also dark, laser hair removal is not for you. It will not work and can even cause skin burns and blisters. Contrasting hair and skin color can see better results. A light to medium skin tone with dark hair is a perfect candidate.
Hope this information helps you make the right decision.