How to Choose the Best At-Home Laser Hair Removing Handset

Laser hair removal has become so mainstream today, more so with the invention of at-home laser hair removing handset. It is no longer a thing for only A-list. Now, you can treat your skin painlessly and safely, anytime, at the comfort of your home.  

Laser treatment is best for those with dark hair and a fair complexion. To put it in simply, the greater the contrast between the two, the better it is. Users with less melanin content in the skin can face limitations with the device. If there is little difference between your hair color and skin color, light energy is quickly absorbed by the skin, causing pain, burns, and blisters. So, make sure you qualify for using the handset first before investing.

Besides, while choosing the product for the first time, you need to be aware of a list of things and ask if the device provides these features or functions mentioned below:  

Technology used
If you are buying a laser hair removal handset, it is important to ask what technology is being used. Although you might not understand the technical terminologies, you can understand how it works.
Most laser removal devices target the pigment or melanin of the hair and destroy the follicles. The laser beams generate heat and penetrate the skin. The melanin absorbs the heat and weakens the hair roots, leading to easy removal of hair. Over time, you will see the regrowth has reduced considerably.  

Intensity setting
Intensity setting is the level at which you can perform the procedure as you have in hair straighteners. You should know what intensity setting you get in the product. Most at-home laser hair removing handsets have four to five intensity settings. When you put the device on the highest intensity setting, it feels like a forceful rubber band flicking while using. So, you should choose the setting you can tolerate. It is advisable to start with a low setting and work your way up to a higher level.
The laser head is usually small to give better precision. So, you have to work it over the skin in overlapping circles. Charge your handset fully before using it. The process is time-consuming and requires attention to detail as each hair needs to be targeted, but the result is worth it.

Charging options
See if the device has a charger socket or not. If there is no charger socket, it means that the device runs fully on batteries which need to be changed often. There are many at-home laser hair removing handsets that come with rechargeable battery options. You just have to plug it into the outlet with the cable provided. A fully charged battery can support up to 30 -40 minutes. There will be a battery indicator that blinks when the battery is low and you have to put the device for charging.  

Safety features
Check if it has an easily adjustable power button or not. You should also ensure safety when it is not in use, especially when you are carrying it in your handbag or luggage. Hence, the product must have a lock feature when not in use. Many products unlock with sensors, others have manual settings.  
Laser hair removing handset to be used at home is a cost-effective alternative to visiting professional cosmetic clinics. Make sure your product comes with a guarantee or warranty.