Pristine Skin is suitable for use on your entire body including delicate areas such as face and Brazilian. Make sure you keep it away from the eyes.

Yes, it is 100% approved and safe to use. This handset makes use of state of the art IPL technology that is utilized in most of the laser clinics around the world. We've ensured that it is user friendly for home use.

Typically, you will start seeing results in just about 2 treatments. It will gradually reduce hair growth but the complete effect will only be noticeable after up to 8 treatments with Pristine Skin.

No, All you will feel is a slightly warm sensation in the area where you are using this device.

Pristine Skin makes use of the IPL technology, which targets and warms up the hair roots in the area where it is used. This prevents their growth further while ensuring that you don't feel any pain.

Yes, Pristine Skin is extremely easy to use. Just plug the device in a wall socket, choose the power level, and simply use it on the body part from where you want to remove the hair from. Switch on the button and Pristine Skin will set to work.

We are offering a One year warranty and a 100-days money-back guarantee.

Pristine Skin offers a long-lasting effect. No laser treatment can stop hair growth permanently. Any company that claims permanent hair removal technically means no hair regrowth for 6 months. If you want long-lasting effects, we advise you to use Pristine Skin once a week for 8 - 10 weeks initially and then once in 3  to 4 months to have silky smooth hairless skin for long.

The treatment with Pristine Skin is painless. Customers only feel a warm sensation in the area where they are using the device.

Yes, if you want the best results, it is advised that you shave the areas where you will be using this device.

Yes, the device works on every hair color. However, people with blonde grey or red hair may require 2-3 more sessions than for those with dark hair. This is because the device targets melanin present in the hair, which is in lesser quantity in light-colored hair.

There is no need to wear eye protection while using our device as we have installed sensors that will restrict laser shots if you target your eyes. The sensors will work efficiently unless the whole window is pressed against your skin. Make sure that you don't flash the light directly into your eyes while using Pristine Skin.

Yes, it can be used on skins that have tattoos, but you will need to go around the tattoos, not over them.

These devices are tested to be good for 300,000 flashes. This means if a user uses it as directed in the manual, it can last for more than 12 years without any problem.

Pristine Skin has a power output totaling just 4.9 j/cm2. This makes it completely safe for hair removal and also for in house usage by people.

Yes, our handset will work on every skin tone except the darkest skin tones.

There is no battery in the device. Just plug it into any wall socket and you are good to go.

It is advised not to use other methods for hair removal unless it's necessary. This is because waxing, plucking, and other methods usually remove your hair from the roots and our device light on your hair to stop its growth.

No, the product is an onetime investment as it is not powered by batteries. There is no need for any type of refill or replacement if used properly.

As of now, there has been no proof or even hints that our devices have caused issues in pregnant ladies or those who are breastfeeding but just as a precaution, it is better not to use the device in such circumstances.

There will be no issue if you have minor freckles and you can go over them. However, for larger moles and freckles, it is better to go around them.

For the best results from our handsets, it is recommended that you wait for a minimum of 48 hours to get a tan after treatment and at least 2 whole weeks after getting a tan. Make sure that while treating your skin, no artificial tan should be present on the skin.

The device is powered by a 12v power supply and you will receive proper power supply compatible with your country mentioned in your delivery address.

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